The office is open
from monday morning to friday evening

from 9.00 am to12.00 pm and from
2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Agence G.T.I.
6, Place du marché
34360 Saint-Chinian




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Experience and knowledge of the market.

Our knowledge and experience in the area (we are native of this region) enables
us to provide accurate valuations of properties and be mpre likely to identify
potential problems.


We will explain to you the process of buying a house in France including the various steps, the possible
negociation, the deposit required, the French laws relating to house purchase, the different types of contracts,
the planning regulations, and the role of the notary etc...

We will be present with you at the signing of the contract to help guide you and explain things etc...

After your purchase:

We will be pleased to continue to be available, at no cost to yourself, to provide help and practical advice
concerning such subjects as:

Dealing with the telephone, electricity and water companies.
Property related taxes - who pays for the first year? How much and when? etc.
We can recommend an insurer local to you for your house insurance.
How to proceed on house extension or improvements.
The possible permissions required, the need for an architect, obtaining estimates etc.

Our Guarantees

We are legally established agents and carry all the guarantees required by an estate agency. Buying a
property in France is too important and complex to be treated as if you were simply buying a
holiday "souvenir". Do not hesitate to verify the professional credentials of an agent before proceeding
with your purchase in order to avoid dealing with people who, without any legal authorisation, are
interested only in making money from the sale. The reference of our "Carte Professionelle"
is T11-854 registered with the Montpellier Préfecture.

Respecting your preferences

Offering suitable properties for your consideration is not always easy and we would prefer to know
your requirements in as much detail as possible. If you are in the area you can visit us and, by
appointment we can show you photographs of properties which may interest you and, if appropriate,
organize a visit later. Alternatively you can visit our web site and email us the details of your
requirements and we will contact you when suitable properties become available. .

Financing your project

We can help prepare a financial study of your project and advise you on the possibility of obtaining
a loan in France. We are in contact with the banks and, taking interest rates into account, can calculate
approximate costs of your loan.


A wide choice of properties ranging from:

Small village houses and flats…to large estates, villas and old mansions…




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